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Kanye West Says He's Done Dropping Music and Requests an Apology from Drake and J. Cole

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from Getty

After calling himself the "new mosses," Kanye West takes to Twitter on Monday a few issues that he has with the music industry.

In a series of tweets, West starts by threatening to withhold music until his contract ends: “I’m not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal … On God … in Jesus' name … come and get me.”

Since deleting the tweet, he shared another message asking to see everyone's contract at Universal and Sony.

West also provided screenshots of his conversation, sharing options on buying back his own master while also getting out of his music deal completely. The messages also suggested that West follows in Taylor's footsteps though that may be costly.

The rapper then reiterates that he is not open to working with Universal or Sony in any capacity and is done with "any form of business" with them before comparing their conditions to "modern-day slave ships."

West goes on to portray that he is putting himself on the line for his people and that he refuses to watch his people "be enslaved."

Concluding the tirade, after comparing himself to former slave leader, Nat Turner, West demands an apology from rappers J. Cole and Drake who he’s had a long history of "beef" with. Kanye then wrote that he is “waiting to meet with” Jay-Z, though he later deleted the tweet as well after expressing regret for misspelling his name.


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