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Keri Hilson Shares Tips On How To Keep Your “Pretty Girl Rock”

Now do the Pretty Girl Rock! Keri Hilson is back on our television screens (in an acting capacity) and Your Voice Magazine Correspondent Ty Cole was able to speak to Grammy-nominated singer and actress to chat about her new movie Don’t Waste Your Pretty.

Based on the eponymous book penned by award-winning author and media personality Demetria L. Lucas, the film tells the story of tightly knit friends as they sort out their turbulent life and love issues.The cast of DON’T WASTE YOUR PRETTY includes Keri Hilson (“Think Like A Man,” “Almost Christmas”), Deborah Joy Winans (“Greenleaf”), Redaric Williams (“The Yard,” “The Young And The Restless”), Jasmine Burke (“Saints & Sinners”), Kaye Singleton (“American Soul”) and Rainey Branch (“Being Mary Jane,” “Grey’s Anatomy”).

Our Correspondent asked Pretty Girl Rock songstress to share 3 tips she would give to a woman who may have fell off of her “Pretty Girl Rock” track and ways she can get back up and boss up:

“Patience. It just may not be your time. Connections are divine and there;s orchestration that needs to happen. There;s things on both sides that have to happen so you both can be great for each. Sometimes that person may be in mid-lesson and you’re in another lesson. You’re experiencing your own things for your own growth. Just know that things are working in your own favor, even if they don’t look or appear that way.”

Before we wrapped, she wanted to get a man’s perspective, prompting Redaric to share his answer for the fellas that may be listening:

“I think it’s just the self-work. Any relationship that’s worth the wait in any aspect is two people that complement each other and both parties are complete. Don’t be afraid to be single for a moment. It doesn’t mean you’re out the game. You come off the field and you can take a break.”

Keri playfully dismisses Ty when asked about music, to which makes us think is she working on something?

DON’T WASTE YOUR PRETTYpremieres on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 8 p.m./7C


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