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Keys to Personal Branding

Becoming a personal brand isn't a matter of product or service as much as it is about who you are and what you stand for. Nowadays we find people becoming Social Media Famous, seemingly for no reason at all. But beneath the likes and follows lies a very deep truth. People fall in love with your story. Here are a few tips on building a successful personal brand:

Be Yourself.

In every post and even in how often you post, authenticity is the glue that holds you and your tribe together. And like any other relationship, building rapport with those who follow you takes time. Starting the way you'd like to become is always important. You find this to be true to artists. Often times, performers start out with wild hair and antics that help them stand out but as time continues, transitioning into themselves in the public eye can be an arduous task. Avoid losing the base you build by simply starting out as yourself. Yes, you will grow but it will be gradual and still another version of who you truly are.

Pay Attention to Your Story.

A huge part of branding, is the story behind the brand. Companies and personal brands alike all have a story; a beginning, a mission, and a vision for what's to come. It is vital for you to know your story. Take some time to write out how you started the purpose you stand for and where you'd like to be in the years to come. Remember branding is not necessarily about the product or service. True brand power is found in the story of you.

Remain Consistent.

Consistency is key in building a brand. There is no such thing as overnight success. Time is truly on your side. A major factor in building a brand is determining whether or not you want fame or influence. The goal should be influence. Influence motivates your audience to show up at an event, purchase a book, or follow someone you believe in.

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