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La’Torria Lemon Founder of Lemon-Light Media

Photo by Right Time Solutions

Congratulations to La'Torria Lemon for being named Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Houston, Texas!!

La’Torria Lemon is ringing in Entrepreneurship month by tossing her many hats in the air. She is the founder of Lemon-Lime Light Media, the parent company of her other endeavors. Lemon-Lime Light Media is not only a PR firm but is also host to 'Praying CEO Apparel' and special events company, 'Let’s Talk Teen Talk'. While that is quite the weight on anyone’s shoulders, Lemon is happy to carry even more.

The Houston native got her start as a freelance publicist for two companies when one day, brands began to ask her to represent them. It was then that she realized she had made a name for herself in the industry. Devoted in her faith, she was committed to spreading her message in unity and in the community. Over the years, she has spent time with charitable organizations in the hope to improve the community around her.

She gives a nod to her former high school principal’s admin, Ms. Washington, as she was there as a comforting place when Lemon’s anxiety got the best of her in high school.

Her incredible composure came from a woman she least expected to grow a fondness to. The Zumba enthusiast also lists Stacey Spratt as one of her lead mentors. Stacey showed her grace after she had made an error on an account she had worked on and this reminds La’Torria to always show kindness when her staff does the same. As a Black woman in the entertainment industry, she feels compelled to not only display this patience but to set boundaries as well.

Lemon is looking forward to a future in the production avenue where she produces plays, podcasts, and more. She also anticipates returning to her roots in theater and radio hosting in 2022. Most importantly, she can’t wait to spend even more time growing her brand and spending time with her loved ones along the way.

Stay updated on the mogul’s progress by following her Instagram @latorria_1, Twitter @latorria_1, Facebook or LinkedIn (La’Torria Lemon), and her website


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