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Lace-up Sandals on Pants: Follow this Trend!!

AUTHOR: Patrizia Bertucci @fashion.whispers

Photo from @liveanddieforshoes

Yes! This is the trend preferred by fashionistas and influencers who go crazy on Instagram: wear shoes with ankle laces tied on the pants!

We saw it for the first time on Gilda Ambrosio, co-founder of The Attico brand and undisputed trendsetter, who started wearing one of her best seller of the season, the sabot "Venus" pumps with laces tied on high waist trousers soft on the hips and leg and tighter at the bottom.

If before we would have laced our shoes under the trousers, hiding laces, now the trend is just the opposite: tighten the trousers at the ankle showing well the "shoe laces" accessory and giving a modern and trendy mood to our look. It's a clever, low cost and really simple style trick. By now it is well known that it is street style that launches the real trends: of course catwalks and fashion shows dominate the fashion market but it is not only from the big fashion houses that the most imitated fashions arrive: in recent years the outfits and the most imitated looks are those of "influencers" and insiders who revolve around these events.

During the fashion week in Milan, New York, London and Paris, there was one particular thing that many people in the fashion business had in common for their looks and outfits: the long, slightly oversized trousers tied at the ankle with the straps of sandals.

But let's see in detail the most suitable type of shoes and trousers to match to create this look taking inspiration from the most interesting streetstyles. We can say that the "trick" works a bit with all types of trousers both sporty and elegant: but surely the most suitable ones are the slightly oversized models on the legs that manage to form a "bag" effect above the ankle.

Jeans are fine too, but being of stiffer fabric the effect will be less visible!

Photo from Instagram: @the_attico

Soft fabrics are well suited to this trend, both elegant and sporty, but also leather and eco-leather! Let's also analyze which are the most suitable shoe models: First of all they must necessarily have a nice heel. Secondly, they must be equipped with straps that can be tied to the ankle with a couple of turns, or with a strap or a spiral.

Photo from Instagram: @alzuarr

On the other hand, closed heel sandals are not suitable because they block the fabric in the back with a very bad and uneven result. One of the favorite accessories that will surely be a must-have of the summer season is the white sandal with braided laces on the ankle that closes on a pair of harem pants. Also to be preferred are the colorful accessories that will help us to give an extra touch to basic garments.

The coolest combination? Sandals fastened on tracksuit pants or cargo pants: a perfect mix of elegance and comfort.

Photo from Instagram: @norrgatan


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