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Lauren London Talks Gun Violence, Healing, and What She Is Teaching Her Sons

Written By: Kailyn McBride @kxailyn

Photo from Instagram @laurenlondon

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Lauren London joined Jada Pinkett-Smith in a memorable Red Table Talk that related content to recent occurrences happening in the media. The two discussed the impact growing up around gun violence had on the community and how lives lost are affecting the woman who are being left behind.

The pair also discussed the life and legacy of London's late husband Nipsey Hussle, those who are still healing from Nipsey's teachings, and how London is educating her two sons on how to correctly handle police interactions.

Growing up in LA, London shared that in school, she was around a lot of people who were in gangs. Adding that by Summertime "they were gone... they had transitioned from gun violence."

As London shared some of the commonalities she faced as a child, Pinkett-Smith also contributed that being around gun violence had become the norm for her when she was growing up and going to school.

As the pair talked about the difficult transitions coping with the traumatizing affects gun violence can have, Smith shared “you just get used to figuring how how to keep yourself safe in these environments and I try to tell people all the time...  most of us grow up in war zones and I did not even really realize that until my life changed when I started to look at how my kids were growing up versus me."

In this powerful episode, speakers who were also featured include activist Erica Ford, founder of the violence prevention organization Life Camp, and two shooting victims Dani Robinson and Rain Stippec.


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