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Leon Reveals He Will Never Appear on Big Brother or The Masked Singer

People may not be coming to see Otis, but fans will always show out for Leon, who is in a new action-packed film called A Day to Die.

The film follows an ex-military ops officer Conner Connolly (Kevin Dillon) has one day to pay $2 million in reparations to a local gang leader in order to save his kidnapped wife. With her life on the line, Conner must recruit his old crew, led by Brice Mason (Frank Grillo), to pull off a series of dangerous heists to repay the money he owes and settle a score with the city’s corrupt police chief (Bruce Willis). In a race against time, the crew must rely on their tactical training and brotherhood to save themselves and those who matter most.

Your Voice Media chatted with Leon about his role in the film, would he ever do reality television, and his relationship with his daughter Noelle Robinson, from his previous relationship with Cynthia Bailey.

TC: What was it about the role that made you interested and when filming, what was your goal when adding depth to the character?

Leon: We can all play roles that are one-sided, but Wes Miller wanted to make sure my role was multi-dimensional. He didn't want to make him typical, but different - which ultimately got me the role.

TC: As a father, what are some traits you think you have and Cynthia has that considers you both great role models for Noelle?

Leon: Well, I would hope it would be our work ethic and then, our approach to life. A work ethic so they can survive and thrive as well. Also, for them to respect the way you are and who you are as a person. It's nice if you can look up to them - at least respect how they approach the world and other people.

TC: Recently, Cynthia appeared on Celebrity Big Brother…now while she didn’t come out with the win, she did play a good game. Do you ever see yourself entering the Big Brother house if asked?

Leon: Me talking to you in this interview, is my reality television (laughs). I have to say fans have been talking to me about being on, which is The Masked Singer, which I haven't seen. I don't know if that's me in a competition setting but I have heard it before.

While we hope to one day see the actor and singer on reality television soon, you can catch the producer in his new film A Day To Die in theaters and on-demand today.


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