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Lil Haiti: Hip-Hop & Trusting The Process

YVM: Your rap name is Lil Haiti, in your music videos you are always repping your flag! Do you feel that your music has Haitian roots that can be heard and identified in your music?

LH: Yes I do. My accent. Certain melodies I purposely pick from certain productions.

YVM: In your bio on Instagram, you reference yourself as “an influential artist touching audiences around the globe”, what are some goals that you have for your career?

LH: As my career picks I can really touch the people financially and give back to the less fortunate. I am already giving back, but I want to do more.

YVM: You reference Dr. Dre, Timberland and Ryan Leslie as some of your influences, are there any Haitian artists that influenced you to want to make music?

LH: No. I actually influenced myself. And these producers I mentioned.

YVM: Do you have any dream collaborations, if so, who?

LH: My dream Collaboration is with Nicki Minaj, Young thug, Meek Mill. and Rick Ross.

YVM: We are in a day and age, where social media is our lives, and following celebrities is a thing that everyone does but not all can say they received a follow back. How did you feel when Nicki Minaj followed you on Instagram?

LH: I felt like I made it. I felt like they were finally paying attention. I was overly excited. Next step is the feature.

YVM: Is there anything that you would want to do differently that's gotten you to this point in your career?

LH: No. Trust the process.

YVM: Do you have any advice for an upcoming artist?

LH: Trust the process, remain humble, disciplined and most importantly, never feel entitled.

Photo Credit:

Photographer: Chris Andrade



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