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Lil Nas X Has Words for Dave East and Any Other Haters

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Twitter @LilNasX

Coming off of a costumed-filled Halloween weekend, Lil Nas X has had to clap back at some folks for comments made about his Halloween costume. The "Old Town Road" artist dressed up as Nicki Minaj from the "Super Bass" video, and while his fans thought he nailed it, some rappers thought otherwise.

Photo from Instagram @lilnasx

Harlem rapper Dave East, reposted a side-by-side image of Lil Nas X & Nicki Minaj to his IG story with the comment, "And y'all was mad at me about this n*gga..." followed up with another post saying, "BATI MON BUN UP!!!!"

The second comment is a phrase used in Jamaica that is offensive to gay men. Lil Nas' fans were already dragging Dave East for his comments but he stepped in to tell Dave that if he's going to attempt to be offensive, he should at least be grammatically correct.

Captioned in a retweet of Dave East's post by an upset fan, Lil Nas wrote:

"it's "batty man" n*ggas can't even be homophobic the proper way smh butchering the hell out of patois"
Lil Nas X Via Twitter @LilNasX November 1, 2020 

'Patois' being the name for the language spoken in Jamaica. Dave East isn't the only rapper to comment on his costume. 50 Cent also said in a recently deleted comment, "👀what the f*ck, Nikki come get him !!! Lol."

The Atlanta rapper clapped back once again, in a recently deleted tweet saying, "why u in barb business?" We've already known Lil Nas X to be a fan of the Queen Barb but it's apparent now more than ever.

Fans are still wondering if he actually dressed up or if it was photoshopped. Either way, he stood proud in his costume and even blows a kiss to his haters.



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