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Livia Foderà

Written by: Patrizia Bertucci @fashion.whispers

In my 'virtual' wanderings always looking for new ideas, new ideas and interesting and innovative brands to talk about in my Instagram profile and in the articles I write, I came across a brand, that of Livia Foderà. To tell the truth I've never heard of the brand but that immediately caught my attention.

The brand that takes its name from its designer, Livia Foderà, precisely, born in 1989,

deals with shoes. The founder, born and raised in Rome, actually has classical foundations and scientific training, a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a great passion for luxury shoes.

A decisive, confident sensual personality undoubtedly shines through his creations.

Looking for continuous innovation in both design and materials in order to give women the opportunity to bring out their personality by playing with themselves and their look.

His creations are a mix of design, elegance, refinement and craftsmanship.

Each model takes shape directly from the creative idea first and subsequently from the direct hand of the designer making it a unique and unrepeatable object.

The process is long and laborious: we start with the idea and then design after design we move on to the search for materials up to the perfect prototype.

These are ingredients of guaranteed success!

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Black and White.

Be elegant.

Hand made. Made in Italy. @liviafodera

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A match made in Heaven. ✨

ROBERTA. Italian silk & Indian silk velvet. Entirely handmade. Authentic Made in Italy. #LiviaFodera


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Easy chic. ISIDE.


Made in Italy. Handmade. @liviafodera

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Red carpet shoes.


Made in Italy. Handmade. @liviafodera


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