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'Madres' a Nightmarish Tale Combines the Immigrant Experience and Motherhood

Written by Yolanda Baruch @yobwrite

Ryan Zaragoza’s directorial film feature debut Madres, set in the 1970s, is a story of a young Mexican-American couple Diana (Ariana Guerra) and Beto (Tenoch Huerta). They are expecting their first child, and they move to the Golden Valley town in California.

Madres Official Poster Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Diana, a second-generation American, is thrust into isolation when she doesn’t immediately connect with other members of the Spanish-speaking community. Beto takes a job managing a farm and the field workers. As Diana continues to acclimate to her new home, she soon uncovers old newspaper clippings detailing how pesticides are causing health problems in migrant workers and puts her journalism degree to good use.

Ariana Guerra and Tenoch Huerta Star in Madres. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

As time goes on, Diana develops a rash, and the local storekeeper continues to accost her to protect her from the local curse that has plagued expectant mothers in the town.

Inspired by real-life scandal, the film incorporates nuanced horror story-telling of social issues that many immigrants face.

Welcome to the Blumhouse: Madres is released on 8 October on Amazon Prime Video.

YV Media Correspondent Yolanda Baruch caught up with Ariana Guerra and director Ryan Zaragoza to discuss the film’s themes of an immigrant story and their isolation in American society.


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