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Megan Thee Stallion Says Tory Tried to Pay for her Silence & More

Written by: Briana Wright @missswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @gq

We haven't heard much more about the Megan and Tory Incident since the "DAYSTAR" rapper went live last month, attempting to tell his side of the story (See previous article for more). In the recent issue of GQ Magazine where Thee Stallion is named Rapper of the Year, she drops some more details about the situation among other things.

She told Allison Davis, writer of the cover story, that she didn't want to discuss the reasoning for the argument in the car prior to her attempt to leave, but after leaving the second time is when Tory began to shoot at her feet.

Following that, she says Tory begged her not to say anything and offered her and her ex-best friend, Kelsey, money to stay quiet. Davis reports that Tory's lawyer denies that Tory made this offer. He, personally, has yet to respond.

Photo credit: @gq

She opens up about a lot more in the cover story, such as now understanding her mother's need to always be tough and put on a face, no matter what. She discusses her childhood and the relationship with her parents; her father being incarcerated until she was 8, then passing at age 15, and her mother being her rock and her manager until her passing in 2019.

Her feeling the need to be tough can be seen even in the incident with Tory. She says she initially told the police that she was cut out of fear of what may happen if they knew there was a weapon in the car. She expresses how despite being the victim in the situation, she still felt the need to project strength, "Like damn, I have to be tough through all this? All the time?" she says.

She also talks about her musical inspirations, her ability to own her sexuality, and her both practicing and preaching confidence; especially to her listeners.

"I want Black women to be louder, I want us to be sassier. I want us to demand more, be more outspoken...Even if it's me rapping or if it's me having a conversation with somebody, I'm going to make you feel like you are that b*tch. Because you're already that b*tch...You just need somebody to stir it up for you. That's Me."

- Megan Thee Stallion for GQ Magazine

We know it's been a tumultuous year for you Meg, but you have so much to show for it. Congratulations on receiving GQ's Rapper of the Year, amongst all of your other awards from 2020 and we can't wait for GOOD NEWS!

Read Meg's cover story for GQ here, and pre-order her upcoming studio album called GOOD NEWS, to be released on Friday, November 20th.

Photo from Instagram @theestallion


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