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'Motherland' Star Ashley Nicole Williams Would Like To Star In 'Twitches 3'

Written by Ty Cole@tycoletv

Motherland: Fort Salem is returning on Freeform and it looks like things are heating up.

The Freeform series ended with a cliff-hanger where series regulars Ashley Nicole Williams (who plays Abigail Bellweather) and Taylor Hickson (who plays Raelle Collar) were protected by a force after readying to rescue the Tarim witches but was met by an enemy, the Camaria, who attacked Abigail and Raelle. After Raelle is stabbed, a sudden force comes to protect Abigail and Raelle, launching them into oblivion which we will see unfold this season.

Ashley Nicole Williams and Taylor Hickson pictured in a scene from Motherland: Fort Salem

Your Voice Correspondent, Ty Cole spoke to Williams about her character development in Season two, her favorite TV witch of all time, and her interest in appearing in Twitches 3, if a sequel was in development.

Cole: How does your character develop in Season two?

Williams: All of the characters are on a self-discovery journey and you'll be able to branch off to see how they learn about themselves. Abigail's biggest hurdle is finding her value and importance within the army and personal life. She just wants to feel strong and get her fire back, which she will in a vengeful way. The overall threat is the Cambria - Abigail is determined to learn who they are and how to take them down.

Cole: Who is your favorite witch of all time?

Williams: That's such a good question. I'm going with Twitches with Tia and Tamera. I'm obsessed with the film and I actually bought 6 crescents and a star for the cast - I told them that this gives me Twitches vibes.

Cole: Would you up for the role in the sequel if you were offered?

Williams: 100% would be down.

Now, we're not confirming that a Twitches 3 is happening any time soon. However, both Tia and Tamera Mowry have both spoken on a potential Twitches 3 sequel last year, even mentioning how they would love to see R&B powerhouses Chloe x Halle as their daughters if the Disney-com movie were to be greenlit in the future.

Tia and Tamera Mowry pictured in a scene from Twitches on Disney Channel

Back in October, Tamera Mowry-Housely spoke with People in an exclusive interview and shared that she would "love it," and that she thinks the movie "would be sick." The Real former co-host shares how much she loves the Ungodly Hour duo and could see the potential sequel living on Disney's streaming service Disney+ as long as creatively, it "makes sense."

Tia spoke with PureWow and shared her interest in the sequel, even laying out the direction she would like to see the film go in:

"Where I would probably want to see Twitches 3 take-off is us being parents and helping and guiding our children on how to be incredible witches. I love the idea of the sisters, Chloe X Halle, playing the part. I thought that was genius."

Would you be here for a Twitches 3 sequel with Ashley?

Make sure to watch Motherland: Fort Salem premiering Tuesday, June 22, at 10:00 p.m EST on Freeform.


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