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Motor City Industry & Music Fest Co-Founder Encourages People To Learn About Forex

Written by Ty Cole @tycoletv

A new festival is upon us as the Motor City Industry and Music Fest debuted in Detroit this past weekend. The inaugural event was founded by husband and wife duo, JT and Randi Maples. Over the weekend, the celebrity and community-filled event will include conference panels discussing the music industry, entrepreneurship, business, financial literacy, and more; a high-end car & fashion show, a job fair, local small business vendors, and live concert performances featuring A-list performers and musicians from around the world.

The festival included A-list talent and panelists like Angela Yee, HuffPost Editor Phil Lewis, Big Sean's manager Zeno Jones, Detroit President Pro-Tem Mary Sheffield to celebrate music, technology, entrepreneurship, arts, and culture.

Your Voice Media correspondent, Ty Cole, spoke with the co-founders about the inaugural celebration and why they decided to launch the festival in an oversaturated market.

"What we really wanted to do in the midwest market is to combine the different elements of entertainment shows that you already go to traditionally," said JT. "We wanted a mainstream, grand stage event that really highlights all these different industries that birthed the industry fest concept."

Social media has been very vocal about Forex trading and if it's a scam or not. Randi confirms Forex trading isn't a scam and encourages people to gain education and knowledge to understand.

"Forex is definitely 2000% legit," Randi expresses. "The foreign exchange market is you making money on the in-between on the different of the dollar from different countries. Banks have been doing this for decades. People get the idea of Forex being a scam from the Academy."


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