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Music Review: Rapper & Songwriter, Artist B_EfEl

Photo credit by "Allie's Hobby" Out of Ada Oklahoma

Rapper & Songwriter

Artists Song: “Nah He Tweekin”


Blake Berryman, also known as B-EfEl, is an artist from Ada, Oklahoma. Taking heavy inspiration from the likes of artists such as Young Thug and Kanye West, B-EfEl excels in blending sounds of Trap, R&B, and even Alternative music. Some more of B-EfEl is 2010's Trap and Southern Rap as well. B-EfEl takes many forms of alternative music for his style of rap while also taking inspiration from remixing other songs into his own. What got B-EfEl into music was wanting to add to the current landscape of rap with his own unique style and sound. B-EfEl wants to create the soundtrack of his life through his music. B-EfEl has collaborated with numerous artists and producers such as Prettyboy Col, Lil Purge, and IamNapalm. On his newest single, “NAH HE TWEAKIN”, B-EfEl takes a melodic approach for a heaven-sent chorus and wastes no time with a fast-paced and steady triplet flow for his verse. If you're into Hip-Hop/Rap, Trap, Pop, Underground Hip-Hop/Rap, or even Alternative music, B-EfEl is definitely an artist to keep in your catalog. Go Check Out “Nah He Tweekin” On Soundcloud!

Artist's social media:

Instagram: @b_efel

Twitter: @befelofficial

Tic Tok: @thegeminipunkman


Written by Steven Wease

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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