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Music Review: Singer & Songwriter Artist VЯAHIMI

Photo and Edit By @3dsta On Instagram

Singer & Songwriter

Artist’s Song: “Lonely World”


VЯAHIMI is a synth-pop, electronic recording artist from the UK. Born and raised in North London to a Greek Cypriot father and an Irish mother, music, and family has been very most important to VЯAHIMI's life from a very young age. Growing up, VЯAHIMI was introduced to artists of many genres such as Disco, Soul, R&B and was heavily into the UK dance music scene. As a 90s child, VЯAHIMI developed a love for Pop music as well. During VЯAHIMII teen years, he used creative writing and listening to music as an escape. Artists such as Lady Gaga, George Michael, Roísín Murphy, and MARINA taught VЯAHIMI to be fearless and unapologetic. They ignited VЯAHIMI to make music his lifelong dream. There are three records that made VЯAHIMI want to create his own music: ‘The Fame Monster’ and ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga and ‘Electra Heart’ by MARINA. They were the soundtrack of his teen years and solidified his artist's choices as a musician. "Poetic and honest lyric writing with a vintage heart behind it." These records were VЯAHIMI therapy as a queer teen wanting to speak out. After recording music under the forename Giorgio for nine years, VЯAHIMI decided to fabricate a brand-new path for himself by changing his entire persona. VЯAHIMI (pronounced Vra-hee-mee) - taken from the Cypriot surname of the same pronunciation. On VЯAHIMI song “Lonely World” he sings over warping synths and pop keyboard passages. VЯAHIMI singing sounds very similar to The Weeknd’s singing on Dawn FM. His expressive singing blends very nicely with the synth-pop instrumental. This song is pure 80’s bliss. Listening to this song transports the listener back to another time. This track could easily fit in the show Stranger Things. This song is incredible. Give this song a listen if you’re into Synth-Pop, 80’s Disco, or EDM music. Listen to “Lonely World” by VЯAHIMI on Spotify, Apple Music, & YouTube.

Artist's Social Media:

Instagram: @vrahimi.m4a

Twitter: @vrahimi_


Written by Steven Wease

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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