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Music Reviews: Rapper & Songwriter, Artist Judy Badd

Rapper, & Songwriter

Artist’s Song: “Done”


Judith Ann Iuteri (eye you Terri) is a 26-year-old rapper & songwriter from Daytona Beach, Florida. Judy has always enjoyed music, especially the genre of rap from the very young age of three years old. She was born and grew up in the ghetto area of New Haven CT. Being the only Caucasian female on the block she was considered the minority in her neighborhood. Her upbringing was surrounded by a heavily influenced hip-hop community and culture. Her dad listened to Biggie Smalls and 50 Cent. As Judy became a teenager, Nicki Minaj came onto the hip hop scene, and she wanted to be just like her. She listened and mimicked Nicki all the time and kept practicing until she could make her rap style into her own. Judy fell in love with the stories people told. This inspired her to create and write her own stories about her weakness, various pain she goes through, her upbringing, and her strength and courage as a young woman. She felt so empowered through music so much that her fans also started to believe in her as well. Because of her confidence she will be the next BIG THING in music, especially with her ability to spit bars and take control of the mic. On Judy's song "Done" Judy expresses her frustrations about the world and the environment she grew up around. Her flow and delivery are very reminiscent of older Nicki Minaj and similar to new acts such as Rico Nasty & Cardio B. The song "Done" offers muddy production with a slick trap beat and swift rapping from Judy Badd. Overall, this is a great song. Listen to "Done" by Judy Badd on YouTube!

Artist's Social Media:

Instagram: @judyxbadd


Writer's information:

Social Media: @reviewmusic6

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