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NBA YoungBoy is Under Investigation for an Alleged Assault Case in Texas

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

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TMZ recently reported that a spokesperson for the sheriff's task force in Harris County disclosed that NBA YoungBoy was being accused of assaulting a man in the garage of a music studio earlier this month in Katy, TX.

According to their source, a man and his girlfriend arrived at the studio to work with NBA when security told the couple that no women were allowed. Shortly after the girlfriend left, the man went into the garage of the studio where a bag was placed over his head and he was beaten, kicked and pistol whipped.

The man says he caught a glimpse of NBA before being bagged. He also claims that NBA FaceTimed who's believed to be his manager, letting him know "I got him here." Trying to spare the Louisiana rapper from additional legal troubles, he told him and his crew to release the man.

Someone was then ordered to drop the victim off in front of his home, where he was later taken to the hospital by his family. He suffers a few minor injuries, but he will be okay. As for NBA, he has yet to respond to the allegations and no arrests have been made.


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