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POWER MOVES: Dr. Mary Kaye Holmes

By Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

All photos by Dan Sorrell

Dr. Mary Kaye Holmes is a #1 international 3x best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, magazine publisher, and Certified Success Coach who is fulfilling her calling to inspire and spark a change within everyone she encounters.

Having been a survivor of the heinous sex trafficking trade she's often referred to as the "comeback queen" due to her resilient spirit. Dr. Holmes utilizes her past adversities and traumas to allow women who are in or have been in similar situations to see you can overcome any hardship they may be facing. Dr. Holmes wants to bring change and awareness for criminal justice reform and human trafficking. She is also the award-winning founder of the global movement "Outlive the Labels" encouraging survivors to shed the negative labels that are attached to what they've endured. This movement features a podcast and a journal workbook for anyone wishing to overcome any obstacles.

Currently, Dr. Holmes serves as the award-winning CEO of Blue Wing and a Prayer, Inc., and Co-Founder of Waterbury Community Action Network, Inc. Which provides community services to underprivileged minority youths and families. Her passion for humanitarianism and advocating for those who she felt were voiceless led her to pursue a career in law. In 2019, Dr. Holmes graduated from New York Law School. While attending school she provided pro-bono services to victims of domestic violence and wrongful convictions. She served as a New York Law School Ambassador and Student Liaison for the Faculty Appointments Committee. Dr. Holmes is also an Associate of the Center for International Law and was awarded the 2018 Public Interest Law Award for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Maya Angelou once said, “I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it". Dr. Mary Kaye Holmes is definitely a testimony of those words.

Mary Kaye Holmes social media:

Instagram @hearmaryspeak

Below is Mary Kaye Holmes interview with Cheylaina Fultz on The Cheylaina Fultz Talk Show

Audio Podcast:

*Special Thanks to Cheylaina Fultz @cheylainafultz


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