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Probiotics VS Prebiotics

Anju Kapor @lifestylesbyanju

Probiotics and prebiotics both are essential and they play very different roles in our health.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria and prebiotic is the food for these beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are the live bacteria found in different foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, kimchi, tempeh etc. Prebiotics comes from some carbohydrates that we can’t digest, they are found in onion, honey, banana.

To keep our gut healthy, it is very important to eat balanced amount of probiotics and prebiotics.

How is gut bacteria beneficial to us?

The good bacteria helps to protect us from harmful bacteria and fungi and also helps in many biological tasks. The food we eat plays a very important part in balancing good and bad gut bacteria.

Good bacteria helps us to digest food and boosts immunity while bad bacteria makes us sick, causes gastrointestinal problems. So the balance of both is very important.

Probiotic improves the balance between good and bad bacteria while prebiotics helps good bacteria flourish and maintain a good digestive system.

Writer's information: Anju Kapoor @lifestylebyanju


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