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Benefits of Raisins

Written by Bhavani Swaminathan @aakanksha_dfw

The nutritive value of raisins is very high. Their sugar content is about eight times that of fresh grapes and the quality of sugar is very good. Raisins are the richest source of glucose, which is readily assimilated into the blood producing heat and energy that sustains physical existence. Those people must consume raisins on regular basis who are suffering from debility or disease in which the body slows down the wastes. The iron content of raisins is easily assimilated and helps the system to produce more blood. They provide acid-alkaline balance. Raisins are best taken raw with peeled almonds. This makes complete food which provides plenty of nourishment for growing children.

Raisins contain carbohydrates, protein, fat and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. They also have vitamins such as thiamine and niacin. They are excellent natural laxative. Raisins with milk or yogurt make excellent combination. The water in which raisins are soaked overnight should be boiled it makes a powerful tonic. It can be given to all age group people. Raisins boiled in milk cures constipation. Patients with chronic diseases can be cured by taking only raisins regularly for a specified period of time.

Eating raisins daily makes one healthy and energetic.


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