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Relationship Goals

Social media can really have you in your feeling, before you know it, you will scroll off into la la land thinking about the what ifs when it comes to a beau or bae. When it comes to relationships, there is so much than meets the eye. Too often, we are caught up in what our Instagram feed should look like versus the health of the actual relationships.

Here are some tips and tools on having a healthy happily ever after:

Personal Work

In order to have a healthy relationship, one must first me healthy as an individual. Yes, our mates help us grow but prior to getting into a situation we should really become our full selves. Now, this does't mean dating is off the table. What it does influence how we date.

Successful Dating

Which leads us to our second point...Dating. You must be a successful dater if you want a successful relationship. Truth be told, relationships don't morph into something else when we make a commitment and it definitely doesn't change when we say I DO. Start being mindful of how and who you date.

Define Your Relationship Goal

As mentioned your relationship is not a sum total of posts of vacays and brunches. That's literally a snapshot. And while a picture is worth a thousand words, it still doesn't tell the whole story. Define and discover your relationship goals; first as an individual and then with your potential or current mate.

Remember, don't be in love with being in love. Understand that happiness does exist; and you will find it when you follow code.

Photo From Pexels


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