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Relationship Habits You Should Leave in 2020

Kasha Thompson @kayslay_allday

Photo: Photographer: @pixabay

The new year is just a day away and with that comes new hopes and goals. I’m sure you are hoping that 2021 is a better year than the one we all just went through. So as the new year approaches lets look at some relationship habits that you should leave behind if you want your relationships to flourish.

In 2021 you need to openly express what you need from your relationship and then not settle for less. Often times people want to be in your life but on their terms. If a potential mate had issues with communication and that is a trait that is important to you, express it. You want someone who lets you know what they think so you don’t have to guess. If your partner is unwilling to change you have to be willing to move on. No more holding in to relationships past their expiration date.

In 2021 we are no longer dimming our light. You are awesome and wonderfully made. You shouldn’t have to water yourself down so that you are more palpable to others. I believe that we all have a squad of people who share our interest and don’t think it’s stupid that you love trashy reality television. Gone are the days when you were either down with the cool kids or seen as a cast aside. The world is big go find people who appreciate all that you have to offer.

Stop comparing your relationship to others. You know what I’m talking about the whole relationship goals thing. Social media will have you believe that everyone is rich, happy, and madly in love. If you believe in the images and messages you see on social media, you’ll end up feeling like everyone is living their best life while you’re at home on the couch staring at a Netflix screen that wants to know if you're still watching. Protect your mental health and take everything with a grain of salt. Live the life you want not the one you think will get the most likes or make you look more appealing to people you probably don’t even like.

Let go of the past. If you can’t let go then get help. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help to deal with issues that may be too big for you to process on your own. The past can’t be changed all we can do it learn from it. So, figure out the lesson and move on. Life is about growth and holding on to wounds from the past will stunt your growth keeping you in an emotional limbo.

You’re heard it before new year, new me. How about instead you say new year, authentic me. I know it doesn’t quite roll of the tongue the same but it’s a more realistic goal. You don’t need to be someone new you just need to be who you really are and own it.


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