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Remy VS Nicki: Why is this Beef Still Relevant Three Years Later?

By: Amber Hawkins @ambbamm_

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I think we’re all in agreement when it comes to this beef in particular. Personally I don’t like when any female rappers feud but I’m especially tired of this one.

Recently in a live segment on Instagram , Remy spilled the tea on why her and Nicki fell out, allegedly a mutual friend showed Remy texts where Minaj was bad mouthing her and praying on her downfall.

If there’s any truth to that anyone would understandably be upset. Especially if you were on a good terms with a person , however it’s been 3 years it’s time to let go , in Remy’s defense the situation was brought up to her during the live.

For future references she shouldn’t even speak on the situation anymore. Toward the end of the live segment Remy made an interesting comment that had some viewers wondering who was she referring to.

She stated although her and Minaj had their differences she understood why Minaj has declined to work with some other female artists in the past. Hopefully the ladies will all put the cattiness and shade aside we need some new bangers for the summer!


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