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Rising Actress Arischa Conner Talks About Love For Theatre And Upcoming Series With Samuel Jackson

SAG-AFTRA actor, Arischa Conner is knocking down doors put in place to deter people from following their dreams if society deems their time as "too late."

Photo Credit: @ArischaIsaStar on Instagram

Conner recently took a leap of faith and made the jump from being a teacher of over 20 years, to becoming a full time Actress.

After recently turning 50 in October, Conner had much more to celebrate as this occurred in between her TV streaming debut with the Fall 2021 releases of 'Dopesick' which is streaming on Hulu and 'Swagger' which is streaming on Apple TV.

Photo Credit: @ArischaIsaStar on Instagram

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Conner who spoke about her roles in both series, her passion for theatre, how age doesn't define success, her next project she has coming out which stars and is produced by Samuel Jackson and what she's looking forward to most this holiday season.

Conner has also appeared on different projects such as 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Another Tango' while also doing commercials and voice over work. While doing theatre, Conner starred in the production 'Misery is Optional' where she played 8 different characters and turned her into an award-nominated actress.

Both 'Dopesick' and 'Swagger' are currently available for streaming.

Photo Credit: @ArischaIsaStar on Instagram

You can find Conner on Social Media as follows:

Instagram: @ArischaIsaStar

Twitter: @ArischaConner

FaceBook: Arischa Conner

Check out the full interview below!


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