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Ross Marks Talks New Film 'Walking With Herb'

Written by Ty Cole@tycoletv

If you were ever down on your faith and needed to reconnect with the Almighty above, Walking With Herb is the film for you. The film stars Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galatica) and George Lopez (The George Lopez Show) and follows Olmos character, Joe Amable-Amo, who is a former amateur golfer struggling with his faith after an unexpected tragedy occurs. Things take a turn when Joe hears from God - who reveals that he's been chosen to inspire the world and compete in a world championship golf tournament. He is visited by God's messenger Herb, played by Lopez, who guides Amo to rediscover his faith.

Your Voice Magazine correspondent Ty Cole spoke to the director Ross Marks about the film and how Marks continues to stay uplifted during the pandemic.

Cole: What are some of Joe's characteristics that you resonate with?

Marks: I've had some very dark days and challenging time. Going through it, I questioned why God would have me and my family suffer. I had faith and felt that I would get through it with my strength - similar to what Joe Amable-Amo goes through. We all wish we had a "Herb" in our life who can guide and tell us everything will be okay. It occurred to me that I had a Herb in my life - we just have to listen.

Cole: What is one thing that keeps you uplifted in Hollywood?

Marks: The entertainment industry is challenging and you hear a lot of no's. I tell my students all the time you have to get used to no - you will hear more no's than you will hear a yes. The thing that keeps me going is the hope that one person watches this film and it lifts them up, then I've done my job - this motivates me to get the next project out.

See Walking With Herb in select theaters nationwide.


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