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'Ruthless' Cast Talk Season 2, Religions And Cults, Pushing The Envelope And More

Ruthless is back for another season, and yes, it will be just as ruthless as last season. The Tyler Perry show that streams on BET+ is already pushing the envelope for all television programs everywhere with their jaw-dropping scenes, and storylines that show the world from a cults-eye view. Our correspondent, Ty Cole was able to chat with the stars of the cast who shared the upcoming season, will continue to "test the waters".

In the first press room, we were able to speak to Lenny Thomas who plays Dikhan, Baadja Lyne-Odums who plays Marva, and Blue Kimble who plays Andrew on the BET+ original. They all shared that the Rakadushi world will continue to take us to new heights as this season unfolds. Blue confirms that this season, everyone is "playing for keeps" and there will be a lot of 'knuckin' and 'buckin' amongst the characters. Looks like this season is choosing violence.

In our second press room, we were able to speak to Melissa L. Williams who plays Ruth Truesdale, Matt Cedeno who plays 'The Highest' Tyrone Luckett, and Yvonne Senat Jones who plays Tally. While we shared our beauty secrets (and yes, I took notes for my regimen), Matt shares that there are a lot more "eye-openers" this season, and to expect an "intense season". While we see the cult lifestyle play out on screen, Yvonne shares her thoughts on cults and religions, saying "Everybody has a desire to belong. It needs to be fulfilled in some way so it's very important for us to be cautious about where we are finding the fulfillment of belonging."

You can now watch the first three episodes of the new season and catch new episodes of Ruthless, every Thursday, exclusively on BET+.


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