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Should You Sign a Contract Before Falling in Love?

Photo by Tammy Mosley from Pexels

I went to a conference last year and they talked about success. It was said that 'like attracts the like' and that the further you go the more likely one is to find more of the same people. While understanding this logic, how beneficial does this become in relationships. True, we see those “power couples” splashed online and on TV but how do those same relationships operate on the inside. I began to think are two “power people” too powerful to unite? And if so, does each partner feel the need to protect themselves from the other person to secure the success they have made. I remember reading something about Facebook founder then girlfriend now wife issuing a contract to sustain a workable relationship. I wondered should something like this be a common thing. Is it workable to set boundaries on paper before “letting your hair down” with a stranger? And if so, is it worth doing. Much too often do we see people stealing ideas, money, and reputation from a past love after damaging breakups that can take a toll on someone in every aspect of their life. Are super successful people onto something, should we sign a contract to be in love? By: Jamya Canty @anurbangirlblogs


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