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Should You Take Revenge On Those Who Hurt You?

Writteb by: Sumeet Manohare @accidental_blogger

If you have been hurt by someone and still struggling to let go of that pain, suffering or even thoughts about that person, this article is for you.

Right now you might be extremely angry and maybe looking for revenge too. These thoughts can make you question your character as well. But don't worry, it happens. When we are wronged by someone it's okay to feel that the other person should go through the same suffering. You are free to have such thoughts but you shouldn't act on them. Because this isn't you who is thinking it's your ego which has been hurt and all those negative & revengeful thoughts for a person is a reaction to the hurt.

In reality, you don't want revenge. Let's assume you took your revenge, you hurt that person equally or even more. What now? Will that reduce your pain? Will that erase all of those suffering from the past? It will not. Instead you'll feel empty and might feel sorry for hurting someone intentionally. But you won't be able to undo your actions and that's the worst part about taking revenge.

So, if you're in a similar situation in life I would suggest you to spend some time with yourself trying to let go of all the anger. No matter how badly you've been hurt by someone hurting them back is not going to help you heal in any way.

Try to understand why you feel hurt and whether it's all the other person's fault or do you have a part in it too. This way you can understand the main cause of all the chaos and eventually get over it too.

Revenge is never an option for peace !

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