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Spring Trend: Trench Coat Mania

Written By: Patrizia Bertucci @fashion.whispers

The Trench Coat can be considered, to all intents and purposes, a must-have of the "mid-seasons", that is, those periods of the year when temperatures are not yet in full spring but not even so rigid as to require a heavier garment.

It's peculiar characteristics, i.e. impeccable tailoring and unmistakable style, make it a "life saving" garment for the modern woman who is asked to be always impeccable from morning to night. Able to adapt to every outfit from the sporty to the most elegant, never garment was more versatile than the trench coat. Practical and elegant, it has always been the perfect garment for any occasion. It's very chic look, hides a military origin: it was, in fact, the coat of order of the soldiers "in the trenches" and hence its name. Soon, however, due to its characteristics of comfort and protection from the weather, it found wide use in both men's and women's wardrobes, becoming part, with honour, of the circle of iconic garments.

Who doesn't remember the scene where Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's runs in the rain in search of her 'CAT' wearing her legendary trench coat?

It can therefore to all intents and purposes be considered a timeless garment that has managed to cross epochs and fashions always renewing itself, but at the same time maintaining its main characteristics. There isn't a year in which designers don't propose it again, but this year the catwalks have seen it as a real protagonist.

We can find it on the catwalks of all the biggest names in the fashion business who, giving space to their creativity, have revisited it in fabrics and cuts and shapes, relaunching this historic garment: from Burberry to Balenciaga, from Vuitton to Fendi, here are some ideas for new style trench coats:

All Photos from Pinterest - Burberry and Vuitton


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