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Stars of "Tyler Perry's Sistas" Talk Season 2 Finale [WATCH]

Photo from Instragram @sistasonbet

“Tyler Perry’s Sistas” is an exciting comedy/ drama series that focuses on the lives of 4 Black, single, women, embarking on challenges in their career, love life, friendships, and more. After a thrilling first two seasons, the second season is coming to an end with a highly anticipated finale to premiere on Wednesday, March 31st.

YV Correspondent Miss Wright had the chance to speak to 4 of the leading male stars of the show about the series thus far and what fans can expect from the season finale.

The show has managed to captivate its large audience for nearly 2 years because of its wide range. Trinity Whiteside (Preston) says that no matter what you like, there’s something you’ll enjoy in “Sistas.”

“The show itself in its totality, I believe it has something for everyone and I feel like that’s why it’s been the success that it has...It’s a representation of a broad spectrum; it’s like we cover all the bases.”

Despite the show being called “Sistas” and focusing on the women, Trinity is right in that it appeals to various audiences, including men. Anthony Dalton (Calvin) talks about the show’s relatability to every kind of viewer.

“Because people can see themselves in it,” whether it be in the main characters or the guest stars.

Not only will every kind of viewer enjoy the series as a whole, but according to Brian Jordan Jr. (Maurice), viewers and actors alike will be dying for more after the season finale.

“It is a shocker! You guys are not going to be prepared for what this finale will bring and I promise you’re going to be waiting for season 3 because we were.”

Tune in to the season 2 finale of “Tyler Perry’s Sistas” on Wednesday, March 31st at 9 PM EST on BET.


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