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T.I. is Giving Away $1200 Every Day Leading up to the Release of his New Album

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

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Not receiving that government stimulus package anymore? Don't worry, T.I. has a pandemic protection contest that can help.

Earlier this week, the Atlanta rapper announced the release of his 11th studio album, The L.I.B.R.A which will be dropping on October 16th. Since he has 10 albums out already, in the 10 days leading to the release date he'll be giving some lucky fans $1200! This is how it works...

Fans have to go to . The site has a poll for each of T.I.'s past albums. Each day, fans vote which song is their favorite off of the album of the day.

So, the first day of the contest, yesterday, fans voted on his first album, I'm Serious. The song with the most votes was "Still Ain't Forgave Myself" so, of the fans who voted for that song, one was randomly selected and won $1200! Make sense?

Today, fans are voting for their favorite song off of Trap Muzik, and tomorrow it'll be Urban Legend, & so on & so forth. Now, the poll is only active until midnight so be sure to get those votes in ON TIME!!!

As far as The L.I.B.R.A, I'm sure fans are patiently awaiting its release, as its been 2 years since his last album. He hasn't been quiet though, last month TIP dropped a single, "Ring" ft. Young Thug, which may be on the album.

He also just celebrated his 40th birthday, on September 25th. Indeed, making him a part of the Libra club, hence the album title. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the new album T.I.!

And I don't know about y'all, but I'm definitely participating in the contest! $1200 sounds really nice right about now lol.


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