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Terrence J Partners With Maytag To Help Provide Dependable Access to Healthy Food for Children

Terrence J is adding a philanthropist to his esteemed resume as he is partnering with home and commercial appliance brand Maytag and the Boys and Girls Club to help fight food insecurity. The brand is working with the television host to launch an initiative called "Feel Good Fridge," where they will provide ten refrigerators to various clubs in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and Grand Rapids with a goal to install 20 more by early 2022.

Terrence J Photographed For Maytag Feel Good Fridge Program - Courtesy of Maytag

The refrigerators will be stocked with healthy food for club members and their families to take when in need and each fridge comes with a small grant to get the club started in filling the fridge with nourishing food. The clubs will leverage local relationships and community support to continue to keep the fridges full.

The Queens native is an alum of the prestigious club and recounts how the organization was one of the few "consistencies" as a child due to moving around to different schools.

"I went to four different middle schools growing and it was tough making friends - which helped me develop my personality since I was always the new kid. The Boys and Girls Club of America was one of those consistencies," he states. "I might go to a different school but if there was ever a Boys and Girls Club within the area, I always knew the routine there and it was always fun," he continued

"After launching the first fridge and seeing how the kids reacted was amazing. Going back to see developments and seeing the knowledgeable counselors was great to see."

Terrence J Photographed With Kids For Maytag Feel Good Fridge Program - Courtesy of Maytag

The former E! News host shares how "excited" he is being involved and how he resonates with the many children who struggle with not having consistent meals.

"There was a study that went out in 2020 where it was revealed 14 million kids grew up with food insecurity and I know how that feels like," he expressed. "Healthy eating options are essential. Back when I was growing up, they would say it was easier to find things that aren't good for you than to find things that are like fruits. Students will be able to go to school and when they go to their local club, there will be options provided for them to choose from that can nourish them and provide them with the support that they need."

When asked about a 106 & Park reboot, the actor shared that he would be interested in being a part of the show in a limited capacity.

"Being a part of 106 & Park was an essential part of my life. It would just have to be at the right time," he said. "If it was the right timing, I would absolutely do a special reboot. I don't know if I would do it every day, but I would be down."

He also is set to star in a new MTV Christmas film set to debut later this year and gives us a little insight on what to expect from the film.

"It's a story about the first family in Hip Hop with Redman and MC Lyte playing my parents, with Keri Hilson and Serayah playing my sister and Ne-Yo playing Keri's love interest," he said. "The story is about a family that lives in Houston back for the holiday season and a lot of hijinks takes place"


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