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The 2021 Oscars: The Good, The Bad, The Snubs?

Written by Ty Cole (@TyColeTV)

The 93rd Academy Awards came and went as we celebrated Hollywood's best in TV/Film from 2020 and 2021 pandemic style. The night was not only filled with firsts, it was filled with surprises, including seeing Glenn Close's exterior bumping to the classic DMV anthem, "DA Butt" during Lil Rel Howery's trivia segment. Let's go through a quick recap of all that went down last night at the Oscars.

Regina King sets the tone for the evening

First, can we get into Regina King opening up the ceremony with that powerful strut to the stage, dressed in that fabulous blue custom gown by Louis Vuitton and Nicolas Ghesquiere. While Regina was not nominated for her directorial debut for One Night In Miami (which many were surprised about) , she still won for giving us bawdy and grace with her presence. She opened up the ceremony and discussed her experience as a black mother in today's climate:

I know that a lot of you people at home want to reach for your remote when you feel like Hollywood is preaching to you, but as a mother of a Black son, I know the fear that so many live with. No amount of fame or fortune changes that.”

Photo: James Anthony (@IamJamesAnthony)

Despite the small stumble as she walked on stage, Regina delivered a powerful speech to black moms and everyone at home that shall not go unnoticed.

Daniel Kaluuya thanks his mother in an interesting way

Daniel Kaluuya is off to a great start in his career, winning Best Supporting Actor In a Film for his portrayal as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Messiah. While people traditionally thank their parents for being supportive and pivotal points in their success, things took a turn when the 32-year-old actor thank his parents for......having sex and birthing him? That's right folks. The U.K. native, who is set to star in the upcoming sequel of Black Panther, made an awkward remark, being thankful for his parents sexual acts to conceive him:

"Like it's incredible, my mom met my dad and they had sex. It's amazing like I'm here"

Whether Daniel believes it or not, this will go down as one of the most awkward, iconic speeches in Oscars history. While entering the press junket, he seemed to be very embarrassed as everyone in the press room wanted to ask him about the sex joke made. Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier spoke on the situation in a quick interview with Daniel which you can view below:

Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson Become First Black Women To Win Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar for 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'

While we hope we can get to a place where "black firsts" are a thing of the past, we do have to start somewhere in order to reach that goal. Last night, black women took it home as Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson take home the award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for their work in the Netflix original film, 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'. Now we are all well aware that there's a small percentage of black women on set to help black talent with their makeup and hair, which has been a huge issue in Hollywood in the past.

Photo: Getty Images

Monique Coleman, best known for her portrayal as Taylor McKessie in the Disney classic High School Musical, who spoke with Insider earlier this year for the 15th anniversary of the franchise, expressing her hair was done "very poorly" and as a result, they made her character wear headbands, which became apart of who the character was. We hope that this win can continue to break the barriers for Hollywood to start hiring black hairstylists and makeup artists to assist their black talent when on set.

Neal accepted the award, commenting on the win saying “We break this glass ceiling with so much excitement,”. She also adds “I can picture … a day when this will not be unusual or groundbreaking. It will be normal.”

Glenn Close shakes her stuff during Oscar's trivia

Now is it a classic moment at the Oscars without a dance break? Bad Trip's Lil Rel Howery shifted gears during the ceremony and gave us a lighthearted trivia segment where the DJ of the evening, Questlove, will play a record for the attendees and they had to guess if the track had won an Oscar, was nominated or none of the above.

Courtesy of The Guardian

When it came to Glenn Close's turn, Lil Rel Howery underestimated the 8x Academy Award nominated actress when he played the DMV anthem, "Da Butt". Glenn close stole the show in a major way by not only sharing facts about the song, including the song's being featured on the Spike Lee classic School Daze, she proceeded to shake her stuff and give us a 'baby twerk' to the E.U. hit song as well. While Glenn lost in the Best Supporting Actress In A Film category, she takes home the prize for one of the most iconic moments of the evening. Maybe Cardi B might have her in her next video?

Was Chadwick Boseman snubbed?

For the final award of the evening, Best Actor, folks thought that Chadwick Boseman was a shoe in to win for this category. The late Black Panther actor gave us a stellar final performance in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, which earned him award wins at the Golden Globe Awards and Critics' Choice Movie Awards for Best Actor while also snagging a win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. While many believe the actor was a shoe-in to win last night, the victory was given to Anthony Hopkins for his portrayal in the Lionsgate produced film The Father. Interesting to note that as soon as Hopkins was announced the winner, the show immediately rolled the credits and headed to the after party special.

Social media believes that once they found out the winner was not going to Chadwick, they rearranged the order and decided to put this category last. It's not an Oscars without a little controversy, right?

Did you enjoy the 93rd Academy Awards this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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