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The Black Fairy

Written by Rasheena @rahaka

Photographer and creative director, Damany, decided to make a change for his 3 daughters: Kayla, Anysa and Phoenix, ages 17, 16 and 5. Centering many of his projects around Women of Color, Black women, to give the representation major motion media did not. The “Black Fairy Shoot” aims to fuse fashion and fiction. Historically you do not see any Black Fairy’s. Although Disney tries to include Black Fairy’s through Tinkerbell, Damany decided not to wait! “I wanted Black Fairy’s in the world. Black women have endured so much…they create and inspire the creation of so much. This is one way to show my token of appreciation. Representation and acknowledgement for the Magic Black women have provided worldwide. Often not getting the credit for the magic that Black women sprinkle.”

Photographer Damany Campbell

Designer, Tianna Marie, wanted to challenge herself and flip the view of the always caucasian depicted Fairy. Showing different levels of sexy to sell fantasy. “This was for our youth, they can look up to this. (The shoot features) natural hair, fantasy ambiance, we created that dream world! The shoot was iconic and it happened (safely) during quarantine.”

A picture is worth 1000 words, make it powerful!


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