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The Cast Of 'The Sky Is Everywhere' Talk Grief, Creative Direction, And Raiding Celebrities Closets

AppleTV+ has a new movie The Sky Is Everywhere and if you're looking for a quirky, colorful, coming-of-age film, you might want to add this to your binge list this weekend.

The movie follows 17-year-old Lennie Walker (Grace Kaufman), a radiant musical prodigy, who struggles with overwhelming grief following the sudden loss of her older sister, Bailey. When Joe Fontaine (Jacques Colimon), the charismatic new guy at school, enters Lennie’s life, she’s drawn to him. But Lennie’s complicated relationship with her sister’s devastated boyfriend, Toby (Pico Alexander), starts to affect Lennie and Joe’s budding love. Through her vivid imagination and honest, conflicted heart, Lennie navigates first love and first loss to create a song of her own.

Your Voice Media chatted with the cast and the director, Josephine Decker, about dealing with grief, meeting parents, the movie's colorful imagery, and much more.

Cole: Grief is one of the common themes in the film. Have you ever dealt with a loss and how do you deal with it?

Kaufman: Over the course of my life, I have experienced loss and grief in certain forms. It's a universal thing that happens and we all experience it one way or another. I'm lucky to say I haven't lost anyone very close to me. During film and now, we're in such an unfortunate time where it's chaotic and confusing - it's scary. It was great that I was able to tap into that as I was dealing with losses and feeling alone. We all dealt with it in our way within the past two years. The biggest thing I learned while filming is there's no one way to deal with grief - it's unique to everybody. Living in Lennie's shoes, it became evident to me - it's confusing.

Cole: In your opinion, what does every musical dance number need to have in order to be a good number?

Alexander: I'm glad you asked. It needs tight choreography, a great melody, and costumes.

Cole: What’s the funniest/most interesting thing that happened when you were meeting someone’s parents?

Colimon: Oh lord (laughs). I spent seven years in Austin, Texas so I was in the south meeting many people's parents - racist parents. It's not a light conversation. Conversely, one of my favorite experiences involved a homecooked meal. When you're meeting someone new especially in their space in their home, breaking bread is my favorite way to engage with somebody that loves the person I love.

Grace Kaufman and Jacques Colimon in “The Sky Is Everywhere,” premiering February 11, 2021 in select theaters and globally on Apple TV+.

Cole: If you could end up in any celebrity’s room and try on their clothes, have a fun day in their home, who would it be?

Alexander: Prince is my choice. I feel like the closet is pretty amazing.

Cole: Creative direction-wise, why did you decide to use these effects and how do you think this really helped tell the story?

Decker: I think I'm a sucker for those old-style movies. I wanted the film to feel like the main character, Lennie, made the movie herself. We did the opening, which has the universe ripped up around her, which was all handmade. When she and Joe lie down in the roses - the roses come to life and dance around them. I really wanted the film to have this texture that you can make yourself.

Well get ready for some fun, vibrant, musical numbers and grand storytelling as The Sky Is Everywhere will premiere in select theaters and globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, February 11.


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