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The City Girls Want to Recognize Working Women

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @yungmiami305

Despite their proclamation, “I don’t work jobs, b*tch I am a job!” The City Girls want to celebrate some hard-working women in what they call #WorkingWomenWednesday.

The rap duo announced on their Instagram early this morning that they will be choosing honorees to not only be recognized on their social media pages, but also to receive $1,000! All you have to do is post a picture of a hard-working woman and her story, use the hashtags #CityGirlJobs #WorkingWomenWednesday and tag @CityGirls.

It doesn’t say how many women will be recognized or when the honorees will be announced, but that hasn’t stopped people from already shooting their shot.

Their new effort comes after the release of their latest album, City on Lock which dropped Friday night. City on Lock is the Miami group’s second studio album, following two singles “You Tried It” and “JT First Day Out.”

The 15-track album features Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Doja Cat and Yo Gotti. Along with the album, The City Girls also released a music video to the third song on the album, “Jobs” which has now reached over 1 million views.

We can't wait to see what working women will get blessed by The City Girls today. Check out "Jobs" and the rest of City on Lock, now available everywhere.


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