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The Gross Truth: Quarantine Edition

Written by: Rah Sheena @RahAKA

Image by Shutterstock

We have been living in lockdown for the past 3 months. Restricted from outside gatherings, limited to our homes, with our housemates and their habits. What happens when it’s your Boo who’s your housemate and their habits drive you insane?

Almost all of us can say we may do some things behind closed doors that we would not do if we knew someone was watching. Probably would not use your sock to clean the juice you spilled if you knew someone was watching, right? We try to put our ‘best foot forward’ as to not irritate or reveal too much to those in our immediate surroundings. And let’s be honest, no one wants their Boo thinking they are gross. Sure, we want to burp as loud as a cow while binge watching ‘Insecure’, but there is someone next to you…all the time. How long can we subdue these habits?

Entering month 3 of quarantine, people are more comfortable and settled into their habits. They have stopped worrying about how someone else may feel, and they are letting it all hang out! Seriously, hair, skin, whatever…its hanging out!

So, what do you do if you see your Boo, let’s say, pick their nose and eat their boogers. Are we dumping them? Do you see them differently now? Have they become a gross individual that is no longer appealing?

What gross habits have been revealed to you during this Quarantine?

After this, quarantine couples therapy, for all!


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