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The Hip-Hop Community Stands Behind George Floyd

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photos from Instagram: @chancetherapper @troubleman31 @meekmill @iamcardib @diddy (tagged @ericdajeweler @kaito) @cristinaehrlich

Since the death of 46-year old George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday, his name and his story has been trending and the hip-hop community is speaking up about it.

On Tuesday, May 26th, a video circulated on social media that showed Floyd, an unarmed Black man, in handcuffs on the ground with his neck pinned by the knee of white officer Derek Chauvin. The video captured Floyd pleading that he was in physical pain, saying, "I can't breathe," repeatedly but the officer continued with aggressive force.

The officers claimed that Floyd was resisting arrest, but recent nearby surveillance video shows otherwise. The incident is currently under investigation but as of Tuesday, the 4 officers involved have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department- but that’s not enough.

Recently, violent protests have been happening in Minneapolis, L.A. and other places, demanding that the officers be arrested. Store looting & building fires are all products of the tragic incident.

Celebrities like Cardi B, Diddy, Chance the rapper and others took to social media to demand justice for George Floyd. Meek Mill captions an Instagram photo of his younger self with a face wound, “[My mom] took this pic and filed it with internal affairs, nothing happened! I been a rebel since!!! #georgefloyd I got charges for breaking one of the cops hands also like he didn’t break his hand on my face!”

Via: Chance the Rapper, T.I., Cardi B, and Diddy.

Floyd actually had a history in hip-hop while in his hometown of Houston. According to the Houston Chronicle, he went by Big Floyd and worked with the very popular DJ Screw.

#RestInPower George Floyd.


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