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The Power of NEAT

Anju Kapoor @lifestylebyanju

A great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is Neat, and our increase of it. Now you may ask what is Neat? The definition of Neat is non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It may sound strange but in simple words, Neat is all the physical activity that we do in a day that is not counted as exercise.

There are many benefits of Neat, it can even help with fat loss. We usually think we burn the majority of our calories during routine exercise and then relaxing after. But that is not always the case as sometimes we can burn more calories through Neat.

These are a few ways to increase Neat:

- Take the stairs instead of the elevators.

- Park your car in the furthest parking spot from an entrance.

- Do your own chores like laundry and cleaning.

- Walk all the time, while you are on your phone, while waiting for food to cook, and any other task that you can walk in.

- Schedule moving breaks at work to help release tension and stress.

Most of us do sedentary long jobs, and 45-60 minutes of exercise is not enough. Try to add these simple tasks into your lifestyle. It may seem small but you still burn calories. Just walking for 10 minutes on the phone can help you lose some calories which is much better than sitting on the couch feeling lazy and sluggish. We have to start somewhere to see a difference in ourselves. On top of that, we feel more energized as we walk and it adds Neatness to our lifestyle. We can also get an increase in serotonin and even dopamine, both are feel-good hormones. There are so many benefits to Neat which should give you enough reasons to try it out.

So next time you read an article or watch tv, stand or walk.

Writer's information: Anju Kapoor @lifestylebyanju


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