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The 'Spennanight' Story

Written by Rasheena @rahaka

Back in High School days, I did everything. Top of my class academically, played varsity Basketball, Volley and softball even had a dance team. With all that going on, I didn’t do boyfriends. I saw my friends switching up their schedule for boyfriends, dealing with cheating and I just didn’t care to partake in that at all. I was too busy to be held down by girlfriend obligations.

Throughout High School, I had a friend trio, myself, female friend, Tee and our male friend, Ron. We hung out all the time. This 1 month, Tee kept suggesting I get with Ron. I'm telling her, no, for what? We are friends and I didn’t like him like that. Eventually she says that Ron likes me and he asked her to “hook us up”. I'm like whatever, I guess we go together now.

Homecoming season is happening and I'm in the pageant. The event comes to an end and Tee is asking me to ask my mom if I can 'spennanight'. I did peep that she was a little more persistent than normal. I lowkey thought she had a surprise ‘Homecoming’ dinner for me.

I'm hyped to go now!

We stop by my house to pick up clothes then head to her house. BTW, Ron was at the show cheering me on the entire time. We get to her house and run to her room to start gossiping. Most importantly I wanted to tell her that my mom braided my hair differently this time 'cause Homecoming was special. She interrupts me, to say “Yo I think my sister boyfriend is here to meet my dad and take her out on a date”.

We run upstairs to see…and its Ron yall!!!!

Yes, my boyfriend Ron.

That's the 1st time getting cheated on.

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