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The Sunset of Love

C. Davis @mrs_mesha_davis

Photo from Pixabay

Time threatens to weaken the grasp, and fondness of your lover’s arms,

As the once upon a young man, who now lies before you,

Reaches for the hand, of whose kiss he once adorned.

Kisses, felt so fiercely, how you long for the earth they once commanded still,

Yet, inflamed passions once perched upon his lips,

Are but whispers, faint of death, against your skin you feel.

Wrinkled fabrics of seasons passed, haunt your memories of yesterday,

The tale of when city met country and vowed their forevers,

But now their forever—is slowly slipping away.

Shadowed sheets of passing white, cloak his fading aged worn skin,

As you reminisce, the tender purity of his love,

You realize, the cruelty of time is only nearing a dying end.

Vital and brawn was the suitor, that once relished the possessions of your heart,

Is now returning back to you—only a piece,

As he’s vowed the other close, for when he soon departs.

His vigor and strength, that once upheld you, and shielded you from your fears,

Are now stained watercolors, of your recollection,

As his strength unraised can no longer dry your tears.

A dashing romancer is what you remember when thoughts do cross your mind,

The swaying dance, of two passionate flames,

Seducing hours, long into the night.

Two souls that danced their lives, to an unfamiliar and unheard song,

Are but singular rifts now, on a legendary record,

Beckoning melodic persuasions, for you, to now dance alone.

Helplessly inseparable and hopelessly in love, were you in your matters of him,

Symphonies of dreams echoed from kindred souls,

Once reflective in the eyes, that are now growing dim.

A sweeping love once indulged your dreams, of a charming passerby,

Gently tucked away, in the might of his arms,

Lost at sea, you were…in the depth of his night umbral eyes.

Eyes that are now penetrating, the very core of your lost and broken soul,

Gazes once more, longingly into yours,

And reminds you of the heart, he lovingly still holds.

“Till death do us part”, do you affectionately proclaim, as you anchor him into your hands,

Promises of love that will transcend all time,

Has unprepared you, for this fateful and mourning end.

Shallow professions escape his lips, as his love for you rides the wings of doves,

As he’s left you, with memories mounted in horizons,

Eternally kept—in the sunset of love.

Writer's social media:

IG: @DavisCamesha @camesha0216


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