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Tory Lanez Apologizes to Megan for Shooting Her, Says He Was "too Drunk"

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo from Instagram @torylanez | @theestallion

It was less than a month ago when Megan Thee Stallion confirmed the rumors that it was indeed Tory Lanez who shot her in the feet earlier this summer. Now, sources says that he admitted to it and apologized via text the night of the incident.

According to TMZ, they have seen a text message from Tory to Megan a few hours after the shooting on July 12th. In the message, he's basically asking for forgiveness and the only excuse he gives is that he was too drunk.

From the messages:

" I know u prolly never gone talk to me again, but I genuinely want u to know I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart."

He goes on to discuss how he was too drunk and how he feels terrible about the situation- but from what we can recall on Megan's behalf, the act was "...done with intention to physically harm [her]," via the disclaimer she released days after the incident.

From what we know, the Houston rapper never responded to the apology text - thus, they haven't spoken since. Whether it was HIS decision to go to the blogs with fabricated versions of the story or his team's, we aren't sure. But from Meg's IG live last month we can guess that she felt the need to publicly discuss the incident because somebody was lying.

For those who doubted Megan's side of the story, it's clear to see that Tory's messages debunk any skepticism, but as of now we haven't heard anything directly from him or his team. The night of the incident he was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon and a charge for felony assault with a firearm is up in the air.

Maybe he's been advised by his lawyer not to speak on the issue...or maybe he's not as apologetic as he was the night that it happened...either way, it's looking pretty bad for him right now.


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