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Written by: Jeava Rose @jeavarose

When It comes to fashion things are always changing, one day everyone is wearing one thing the next day it’s something different. Many trends come and go but some trends always make a comeback. Let’s talk about 3 very popular trends happening right now, leather pants with a split hem, shoulder bags, and corsets.

Anyone who pays any attention to fashion knows how many trends we see even if it’s within the time spam of a few months. If you are an online shopper like me, you know just about every online boutique and store has added these leather pants with a split hem to their list of options to choose from. I’ve seen many people say how would you wear these. Well these pants can be styled with a nice tee shirt or bodysuit paired with some sneakers and they can also be dressed up and paired with heels. These pants are just about everyone’s favorite right now.

Photo: @prettylittlething

Now this trend is probably one of my personal favorites, are the shoulder bags. Just about everyone has one of these bags in their closet, I definitely have one in my closet right now as we speak. These bags just give off that 2000’s feeling, especially when its paired with some jeans, nice crop top and some heels, cause that right there is a whole look! And you can definitely complete that look with one those rimless square frame sunglasses. And that right there is a whole summer fit.

Photo: @sheinoffical

This last trend might just be one of my all-time favorites too, corset tops. These tops are just so beautiful to me, particularly because some of them give you that snatched waist everyone wants. They come in crop tops, long sleeves, and even hoodies! Yes, I said hoodies, I’ve seen a few on the gram. I love this look because these corset tops can be paired with jeans, skirts and even shorts so it’s very easy to style. It could be dressed up and down.

Photo: @houseofcb

These three trends have made a great impact in fashion right now and I just love it, giving us the looks we want and live for! Now let’s see what the next trends will be.


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