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Wellness: Two Basic Keys for Living As The Healed Version of Yourself

Have you ever met a person who carries their pain as a badge of honor? Could that person be you? The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shapes how we ultimately see and conduct ourselves.

When one is exposed to repeated unfortunate events, it can slowly dull the sense of hope and create an image on the inside that was never intended. It is said to never let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality. The same is true pertaining to circumstances. Here are two basic tips (that go a very long way) on living as the healed version of yourself.


Get Healed

Too many people are led to believe that emotions don’t matter. They are told to ‘be strong’, as if expressing one’s emotions is a sign of weakness. Contrary to popular belief, it takes a strong individual to face their feelings. While we shouldn’t be led by them, emotions matter and are indicators of deeper issues. They can be used as a compass directing us back to our thoughts and overall mindset.

When one seeks closure, they are really seeking healing; that’s what people are looking for. It’s not necessarily in replacing the thing, receiving an apology, or even getting back into an old relationship. ‘Getting over’ things is found in healing. And healing may look different depending on the individual and circumstance; no matter what, it does require acknowledging the inner wounds, releasing the toxic thoughts towards the situation, and the process of restoring the part of you that was negatively changed because of the situation. All of this takes self-awareness and intentionality.

Learn to Live Again

Life after healing requires learning how to live as a healed person. This may seem ironic but so many people live in their pain personality; the 'self' built around hurt. Living healed is met with and sustained by a new level of joy and peace; and if one is not mindful of this, they can easily sabotage all of the good that Life is offering. As you step into your healed self, take time to seek out what that really looks like for you, and put the good things you find into practice. Again, this also takes self-awareness and intentionality.

As you live forward, focus on healing any damaged mindsets and beliefs that you may hold to be true; and understand, what you think doesn’t have to be true for you to believe it. This is why seeking out truth is so important, and one thing about truth is that it never changes, it's rooted in love, and it always brings freedom.

For more on this topic, listen to my podcast LifeClub w/Tashima Jones: S6 E3 Breaking The Pain Personality.


Tashima Jones is an author, host, and life coach who focuses on personal development and inner wealth. Be sure to visit for how to join LifeClub, coaching sessions, books and more.

*The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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