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Tyla Anne Harris: Multi-hyphenate talks ABC's 'For Life' & More

Photo By Wesley Volcy

Power is the ability to influence and shift energy from one state of being to another. Actress Tyla Anne Harris embodies this ability and is sharing it with the world. Catch up with the multi-hyphenate as she details her journey into entertainment, her role on ABC's For Life, and more.

In your own words, who is Tyla Anne Harris?

Tyla Anne Harris is a queen. An old-soul multi-hyphenate trying to do better in the world while spreading joy.

What sparked your interest in entertainment, who were your influences? At what point in your journey did you feel solidified as an actress?

My mother had a knack for entertainment, and I was always by her side when I was younger. Naturally, I caught on to things in classes and turned out to be a great performer. The moment that I solidified myself in my head as an actress was when Mr. Walter Goggins did an intense scene with me on my first series role (Six) and drew emotions out of me I didn't think I could access.

At that moment, I understood that if I buckled down, I would be able to become a dramatic actress.

Share a bit about your character, Jasmine Wallace, on ABC’s For Life? What is it like playing a role in a show based on true events covering sensitive topics? What has been the feedback from viewers who may relate to your character?

Jasmine Wallace is a daddy's girl in every sense of the word. She is an intelligent young girl, growing up in the realities of the justice system due to her father being wrongly convicted. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to portray a role that touched so many people. Getting contacted by women and men across America with similar stories and the exact same stories warmed my heart.

Photo By Wesley Volcy

It helped to open my eyes to what people face every day.

Wow! That has to be eye-opening and rewarding at the same time to be able share a part of their stories. How important is education and activism to you?

Super important! I am currently pursuing a degree in political science with a concentration in international affairs and a minor in real estate. I also have an internship at Mr. Isaac Wright Jr.'s law office, the inspiration behind For Life.

I try my best to always remain educated and encourage others to educate themselves on things happening around the world.

Photo By Wesley Volcy

Phenomenal! What are a few of your endeavors outside of acting?

Outside of acting, I continue to partake in dance of all styles. I frequent comedy and improv shows and read on the history of foundational Black icons.

Do you have a mantra for success? How do you stay motivated?

My mantra comes from the amazing Eartha Kitt, "The price we pay for being ourselves is worth it." I stay motivated by constantly learning different things and challenging myself to become better!

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