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Watermelon 🍉 Feta Salad

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It was a nice sunny 🌞 day today so I enjoyed a nice walk with my daughter, then we drove to the stables for her lesson. When we came back home, we ate this beautiful watermelon feta salad with arugula, roasted walnuts, Bok Choy microgreens, and balsamic truffles. It was a refreshing lunch and we loved 🥰 it..

For the salad

👉watermelon cubes

👉roasted walnuts 1/2 cup

👉arugula leaves 1 cup

👉feta cheese 1/2 cup

👉balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons

👉olive oil 2 tablespoons



Mix all the ingredients together and toss it nicely so it gets to taste well blended.

The way you present it is one’s personal choice.

It has to be eaten fresh, so after you make it, don't let it sit for too long.


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