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Wellness: 3 Keys to Releasing Toxic Emotions


Most disgruntled adults didn’t randomly get that way. You may cross paths with an angry bus driver, a frustrated mail clerk, or an impatient nurse and easily take it personally or you might just match their energy without even realizing it. What we should consider is what got them there and how to not allow their energy to shift yours.

When we recognize our nature to receive, we are better equipped to accepting the energy we desire. In addition, we are able to release that which does not profit us.

Acknowledge. The first key in releasing toxic energy is realizing it’s actually stored within us. By design we are containers that receive information. From our birth, we come into this world taking in our first breath. We receive sights, sounds, taste, scents, and touch. And while we give off great energy, we have the potential to house more than we emit if we are unconscious of this truth. Again, acknowledging what and where you are housing or “hoarding” toxic emotions is major.

Release. Now, the concept of release is found in various systems of our body; we exhale, we pass gas, and we relieve ourselves during the digestion process. In other ways, what enters our body has a way of exiting it. The same is true for our emotions. Crying, speaking, and writing are all healthy ways we can release toxic feelings. It’s important to make an emphasis on 'healthy' release practices. Too often, many release negative emotions by way of negative actions which continues the cycle of toxicity. Remember, choose a safe place and safe actions to release.

Forgive. This is an f-word that can seem to be overused and rarely understood. Forgiveness is the pardoning of one person to another or towards an event that caused pain. It does not undo the wrongdoing; it acknowledges it yet does not hold it against the offender. Forgiveness doesn’t fix your feelings – release does. The importance of forgiveness is found in it being the doorway of moving forward; perhaps that looks like mending a broken relationship or walking away from one that was never truly meant to be.

Either way, forgiveness is a gateway for new beginnings.


Tashima Jones is an author and life coach who focuses on personal development and building inner-wealth. Tap here for more on her coaching sessions. Not a Member? Join the Club here.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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