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Wellness: The Life Skill Called Courage

Credit: Sven Huls

Oftentimes, when we consider life skills we refer to abilities like effective communication, the knack to work well under pressure, critical thinking, and decision-making. It’s rare we hear about the skill of being courageous. Courage is a mindset without fear. While some say a little bit of fear isn’t a bad thing, others agree that one cannot be courageous without it. The reality of courage is that it is absent of fear – it neither motivates courage, nor does it determine its strength.

Courage denotes that there is no fear. It is the ability to remain at peace no matter the circumstances one finds themselves standing in. Courage is a skill that grants access to places you dream of and most never dare to pursue. Here are 3 keys to being more courageous.

What do you fear? Fear is a spirit or a state of mind that often times lays dormant until a catalyst reveals it. You may not be thinking about being afraid of the dark during the day but night time awakens the very issue that was there during the entire day. Discover what you’re afraid of.

Why do you fear? The specific fear itself isn’t of as much importance as the reason why you’re afraid. Why do you fear what you fear? Take time to consider the root cause of the fear associated with going after the dream in your heart, starting a new relationship, or even loving those closest to you. Discover the why.

Why not now? When it comes to being afraid, most tend to stay stuck versus overcoming what holds them back. Many subscribe to this notion of avoiding what’s feared versus facing it with truth. Fear doesn’t just go away and the sooner this is accepted the sooner you can find freedom from it.

Building the muscle of courage is found in eradicating fear - not living in the face of it. It is recognizing that fear is truly a vapor; it’s a barrier to the very good life on the other side of it and courage is the life skill that gets you there.


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