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What is the Pettiest Reason You Have Stopped Dating Someone?

A pet peeve is defined as something that a particular person finds especially annoying. We all have them, some more ridiculous than others.

I knew a guy for about 2 years in college. Due to our mutual friends, we would see each other often. At parties, game nights, random “come over and get drunk” nights…the usual college vibes. But there was 1 faithful night where the sparks flew! While playing ‘Apples to Apples’ he made the funniest joke I have ever heard. The best jokes are overly offensive so I won’t share it here.

But if I love you, text me.

Anyway, I realized that he was a game night specialist. I watched in awe as he racked up 8 to 10 points per round in Taboo. I countered back with 10 points of my own, cause I’m that nice! Friend zone was shattered. We were game night elitist and knew we needed to combine forces.

We made out in the hall leaning up against the fire extinguisher. So now, we go together.

3 months in, I packed my “Spennidanight” bag and pulled up to the dorms. We were going through channels deciding what we were going to watch for the night as we came across “Martin”. I paused to watch ‘cause it’s Martin! It was the episode when they won a car at the charity auction. I’m laughing wild loud…and yall…why this man turn around and say “Eh, I never really got into this show. It just wasn’t funny to me”.


I almost threw the iron at his head! (the iron always in reach in dorm rooms).

He said the humor was…dry!

Needless to say, not liking Martin is a pet peeve. That was the end of our relationship.


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